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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Redux: To Build Or Not To Build

As this topic has garnered some additional headlines lately, I decided to re-post this from May of 2010. I've deleted the video that was on the original post because it serves no useful purpose.
There were also quite a few comments left by readers. You can view them at the original post, here.

As a general rule, I try to stay away from offering commentary on mainstream, current events topics. However, a person for whom I have immense respect wanted to discuss this particular matter with me today and therefore I am thinking it through, in part, here.

It seems as though a Muslim group plans on building a community center, including a Mosque, about two blocks away from the World Trade Center site in NYC. Earlier today, my friend simply asked me how I feel about that. My answer..... I'm OK with it.
Many in society (entitled to their opinions) place the blame for the 9/11 attacks at the foot of the Muslim/Islamic religion. Those who think along these lines also seem to feel that based on the nationality of the parties responsible for the attacks, and perhaps their "religious" beliefs as well, they should find another place for this building.
My opinion is that in any walk of life, any occupation, any religion, there are selfish people who choose to go to vast extremes to make a point or leverage a threat. I believe that God, my God anyway, is a wonderfully simple being. I believe He welcomes all, no questions asked, especially the freaks among us! I don't believe he cares where these people put their building.
I'm somewhat hesitant to make this next statement, but here goes anyway.
Police Officers, Firefighters and E.M.S. personnel, at least all the ones I know, would rush just as quickly into a Mosque as they would any other building if it meant saving lives. I think we should be careful when invoking the names or the memory of any such fallen hero when speaking out against a project like this one.
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