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Friday, August 13, 2010

Let's Get Naked!

Who do you get naked with? Some people like getting naked. Others do not. Some get naked every day. Others go for years at a time without doing so. Why is it that some people are so dreadfully afraid of getting naked, while others seem to absolutely thrive when there is nothing to hide behind?
People get naked on television. People get naked in the movies. People get naked on the internet. People get naked at the beach. Or do they? Do people get naked at any of these places? Or do people reserve getting naked for when nobody else is around?
Everywhere we look nowadays our society seems to be such that people are are constantly putting themselves out there for all to see.
I'm having a hard time finding any consistency in the how's and why's of people getting naked. Where is all this presumed "nudity" getting us? Are we showing the world around us too much? I don't think this is necessarily the case. Rather, I think we are not getting naked enough. Or more specifically, we are not putting the real person on display at all.
We post only the choice photos of us. We select our social networks and the friends that reside within them with great care. We carefully craft our lives into minute by minute updates for a select few to see. We buy houses we can't afford, we take and keep jobs we don't enjoy. We teach and learn about 1 another via messages that r so scripted they have 2b spelled in a specific way so they can b typed in2 a phn keyboard.
We view websites in private that we are ashamed of in public.
Is this how we should be getting naked? I don't know about you, but I like to have fun when I get naked. All of the above sounds like way too much work for me.
What is it that you hold in reserve? Is it your money? Maybe you are scared to death to get financially naked. Is it your religion? Perhaps the thought of getting naked with your faith is far more terrifying then the prospect of taking your clothes off a few times a week in front of a webcam or with your sexual partner of choice. We've all heard the adage in any given setting......." I don't want to talk religion or politics". Well, substitute any two topics you want in there, and that's how we avoid getting naked. By sectioning off areas of our mind, sections that really tell the story of who we are, we put yet another layer of protective clothing between us and whomever might want to see the real, naked, you.
Getting naked alone is only so much fun. Sure, you may get something accomplished.
When you venture into the doctor's office for a checkup, only one of you gets naked. Therefore all the information goes one way. Not much is shared, and only one person really learns any details at all.
I don't think the rules that loosely govern how and when we get physically naked differ much from when we choose to get mentally or emotionally naked. Clearly it is often easier for us to take our clothing off then it is for us to bare our souls.
I wonder if this is good or bad? Or should there be any difference between the two?
Who are you getting naked with?

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foot said...

Another no comment post!!!

Wonder why?

This is the kind of post that easily comes back into memory!!

I guess I'm learning to value vulnerability.

"I'm a genius!" (not really!)