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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Bands, Class A Uniforms, Fantasy Football,

1. Yesterday, under false pretenses,Gramps was lured out of his favorite chair and away from his favorite TV shows. To help celebrate his 83rd birthday, we spent a few hours soaking in some live music. The Glenn Miller Orchestra was in town and Gramps loved every minute of it.(Despite what the picture below may lead you to believe.)
During intermission, Gramps told me how years ago he had seen this show and others like it at the Strand and Capitol theaters in NYC. He recalled paying about 80 cents for his seat. After checking out the history of these theatres, I learned that one of my favorite movies, Captain Blood, had premiered there as well.
(Above, the Strand Theater, NYC. Below, Capitol Theater, NYC)
2. Rita strong-armed me into taking a team in my Dad's fantasy football league this year. The draft is tonight. I am woefully unprepared. I'm in for a long year of trash talk and sordid text messages.

3. Next weekend, we'll be driving to Cape May NJ to see our friend, Luci, graduate from Coast Guard basic training. Over the past few weeks we've had somewhat limited communication with her. During one very rushed conversation about two weeks ago, she asked Kris to dust off the NYPD Class A uniform, shine up the shoes and present her with the graduation certificate during the ceremony. What a humbling request.
(Kris at her own graduation, Madison Square Garden, NYC)

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marietta said...

how very cool for u krissy.. what a request. u better have a bunch of tussies