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Friday, September 3, 2010


I don't remember when Luci first told me of her intention to join the Coast Guard.
I do remember that the instant she told me, I pictured this day in my mind. All at once, it just made sense to me. Yes, Luci should do this. Yes, Luci belongs there(here). Yes, Luci has what it takes. It shouldn't take you more then one conversation with Luci to realize there is a very unique, very polished human standing in front of you. A person capable of many great things.

Her stage today was a large Gymnasium. Plainly decorated, this room did not call for the frills or treatments of an ordinary celebration. Greatness was to be displayed here today. Besides, how do you decorate to pay tribute to mental fortitude? How can party favors hope to convey courage? In perfect cadence, and with the look of a guardian, Luci moved in perfect sync to this grand celebration.

At times, realizing all this means Luci will be leaving us, I felt sad and jealous.
Then, quickly, I remembered the peace I found months earlier, when I knew my friend had found her calling. There is peace in knowing that she has found her way in life. There is happiness in knowing her contentment. There is pride for me in knowing she is needed here.

Today I saw my friend take her place among the tested guardians of my country. From minute one, I knew she would succeed. Today, I was privileged to witness many great men and women, such as my wife, publicly affirm what I knew in my heart months ago.

Kris was asked to present Luci with her graduation certificate. She is seen in the photos below honorably representing the N.Y.P.D.

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Anonymous said...

What an unbelievable day....once again you captured the most basic, pure emotion. She has found that anything is possible when you believe in yourself. You made me shed a couple tears, Sha...