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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dollars And Sense

For years now, I have held the opinion that our family spends way too much money on groceries and food each month. Time and time again we have tried different approaches to saving money in this area, and to lowering our family living expenses in general. Most often, to no avail. Now that the overwhelming majority of the food in our home is organic, our grocery bills are higher than ever. Moreover, being newly educated on the way food in our country is manufactured, we are no longer willing to purchase food solely based on price. This has caused us to look elsewhere in our spending to seek out where savings may be had and where money may be spent more wisely. This past week, something I had been missing all along became very clear to me. Over a twelve month average, I pay about ninety five dollars a month to watch television.
That's almost twelve hundred dollars every year! If someone handed me twelve hundred dollars to do with as I please, the last thing I would do with it is watch TV!
In the next month, Kris and I will adjust a number things and cut spending drastically vis a vis, our television. Essentially we will no longer pay for TV service. Not to a satellite company, not to a cable company. Don't fret, we are not going completely off the grid...not yet anyway.
The really big news in all this is what we have chosen as a cost cutting measure in these initial efforts.
I'm quite excited about this purchase. I'm relieved at the prospect of not paying one hundred dollars each month for what mostly amounts to mediocre entertainment at best.
Yes, I will be purchasing an Apple product. And yes, I realize that Hell just got a little colder.

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RyanK said...

Welcome to the dark side.