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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time out

This weekend brings with it much to think about. The next several weeks will be quite busy.I will be making two trips with the students of LCBC, providing them with first aid support.Kris, Luci and I will be taking a road trip to see Rita, and I will start a new job. I'm sure there are a number of other things planned Kris has told me about, that I simply am forgetting right now.

In the middle of all this planning, we received word that a friend of ours, Dessiree had just experienced the loss of her grandfather. She asked me if I would consider producing a small video tribute about her grandfather to be shown during the funeral services. Without hesitation I said yes. It did not occur to me until later on how completely honored I was to be making this happen for this family. By no means am I a great film maker, and whats more, the type of video work I typically do is far from unique or even advanced by today's standards.I realize none of that matters. What got to me was that I was in a very small way, being invited into this family during a very difficult and personal time in their lives.

I was given some photographs, the family chose some music, and I put the two together. In telling me a little bit about her grandfather, Dessiree mentioned to me that he and her grandmother, like most of senior citizens in the country, rely on social security as a primary means of income. I will tell you this however, as I sifted through the pictures I was given, I saw evidence of a rich man. I saw a wise person with many treasures all around him. I say this because I see him shown in many vacation settings with his family all around him. Horseback riding, fishing, and many many pictures with him holding the family dog. That sounds like a rich man's life to me!
Another thing that is plain to see, this man loved his wife. You don't need to have known him to spot the level of his commitment to her that is painted all over his face in every photo op they shared. While there were no pictures of expensive cars or boats, this video shows the life of a very wealthy man.
I'm thankful I was made to slow down during my busy weekend and be reminded of what life is all about.


Rita said...

What a beautiful tribute! God Bless you and your family Dez!

dezhorst said...

Thank you so much again Sha....it is so much easier to bear loss when you know that there are great friends a phone call away to lean on. I'm so thankful that you and Kris are in our lives!

Barbara and John said...

Our sincere condolences to Dessiree and her family. Keep remembering the best times!