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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Official....These Movies Suck

Many years ago, along with my aversion to going to movie theaters, I began to loathe renting movies. The whole process annoys me. The parking, the driving back to the rental store to return the movie, what if you get off the couch...drive to the rental store and they don't have the movie you want? What a waste. My opposition to renting movies over the years has resulted in me coming to own many movies that I don't really care for. I'd rather sit at home and buy a DVD from Amazon and have it delivered, than deal with the rental process. Where was I going with all this? Oh yeah....
A few weeks back someone was in our house and took a few moments to browse through our DVD collection. I found myself needing to explain, and in some cases defend some of the purchases I had made. In some instances, I was dead to rights. I had indeed come to own a terrible movie. This led me to, as I have done in the past, clean house a bit. Running the final choices past Kris, I came up with 16 movies that absolutely make my head hurt. Now, clearly judging the quality of a movie is a rather subjective thing. What is compelling here however, is that I have paraded these movies past several friends, offering to give these movies away, no takers. Then I turned to an audience of millions...eBay. Where people buy and sell all manner of things. Where people pay thousands of dollars for toast that may or may not look like the virgin Mary....or Richard Nixon. Although the auction I set up hasn't closed just yet, it seems as though I can't find anyone to take these movies off my hands. A list of the exiled titles is below.
If someone spent some time going through your collection of movies or music, what conclusions would they come to about you?
Mission Impossible 2
Seven ......This movie is only on here because I own two copies of it. It is one of the better cop-thriller type of movies I have ever seen.


Anonymous said...

i still disagree with 21 and pirates

KRod said...

I LOVE "SE7EN"! I would have taken it before I left had I known those movies were up for grabs!

KRod said...

Oh...and that SNL goose clip just reminds me of the "Dirty Jobs" episode with the mallard shop!

Riter said...

I got dibs on "21"!!!!

Aoi said...

i had a movie collection like yours but i sold them off to my relatives... nice post btw.