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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top Ten Things I'm Looking Forward To

This time of year always brings with it a busy social schedule. This year is no exception. For reasons I can't fully explain, I'm not dreading most of our social commitments, as is normally my custom.
A quick look at a few upcoming events.

1. Thanksgiving back home
I'm looking forward to Aiden running around the same rooms I spent many holidays in.

2. Giants vs. Redskins
A contingent of the smith family will travel to see the Giants play Washington later this month.
We'll be the ones with our faces painted in the Giants' colors, tailgating in the freezing cold.
The pictures we'll take are sure to be priceless.

3. Rita comes to town.
It will be a party weekend with festivities on Friday night and a Christmas party on Saturday.

4. Planes, Trains.....
Actually it's just trains.
I'm looking forward to setting up Aiden's trains in time for his first birthday party. I had visions of he and I assembling the tracks, plugging in the transformer and building a Christmas village scene. The truth is, it will probably be more like me electrocuting myself while Aiden plays with the styrofoam packaging the trains came packed in.

5. Hoops of Hope
A project kris has been spearheading for LCBC.
If you want to waste some time wisely, show up on Dec 6th. I promise you a good time.
Here is the info.

6. I'm excited about this.

I hope to see many great memories created, and share much laughter with great people. I'll do my best to post a few of them here in short order.
What are you guys planning in the next few weeks?


Carl said...

RITER???? WHEN?????

riter said...

I'm so excited about coming "home"! :-)