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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two Sides To Every Story

About three years ago an odd collection of events took place and is now coming full circle. During a short amount of time in the early fall months of 2011, we seemed to be in the midst of an odd crime wave. Willow Street, PA is most notable for being home to the 2nd largest retirement community outside of sunny Florida. However, for a bizarre 2-3 week window in 2011, we met our quota of crime for the next five years.
Trying to piece it all together now is somewhat difficult but the list goes something like this:
1. My car was broken into overnight in our driveway.
2. The neighborhood bank was robbed.
3. A 67 year old woman was arrested for running a weapons sales ring out of her home.
4. Kris chased someone off our porch during an apparent robbery attempt on our home.

In order to bring this story full circle, I will focus in on #4.
It was late morning and we were just getting home from the grocery store with the kids. As we slowed our car to turn into our driveway, we took notice of a vehicle heading toward us from the opposite direction at an unusually slow pace. It almost seemed to stop every few feet as it inched its way to our location. Taking note of this, then going about our business,we set about task of moving groceries from the car to the kitchen. I was heading back to the car for another handful of bags with Kris doing the same when all of a sudden....Kris shouts...."HEY MOTHAF*CKA!! GET BACK HERE" She drops the eggs and milk and takes off running. Jumping off our front porch is an oddly dressed figure who clearly was not counting on being spotted. After hurling several additional colorful metaphors, but before drawing her weapon, Kris realized she need not pursue this particular suspect any further.

Fast forward to November 2014.
Aiden has found himself participating in various community activities lately. Most recently has been something called "Scouting For Food" An event wherein the Cub Scouts collect food from the community and bring it to a place where it is needed by others. This is a door to door effort with the scouts in uniform, placing shopping bags on doorknobs and/or mailboxes.

I am relieved to say no homeowner produced a weapon or ran my son off their property while Aiden was attempting to feed the hungry people of our community. Kris pointed out today that no scout troop has left a food collection bag at our house since 2011. Perhaps there is a photo of our home hanging in some scout den with a red circle and slash through it. Either that, or no scout has yet done enough work to earn the profanity merit badge needed for a return visit to our address.


Anonymous said...

(o: You're a master at spinning a story (or yarn, as they say in Willow Street)!

Kris said...

In my defense, I apologized profusely as he ran away!!!