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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Be Cheesey

At some point a feeling will overtake you. You will feel moved to action or words. You will feel an urge from within to seize the moment and be true to the emotion that desperately wants to consume you in one perfect expression. Will you tell that stranger what you are feeling? Will you speak your mind? Will you write that check? Will you put yourself out there? Will you seize this moment?
A time may come where I no longer have the ability to tell many people many things. Let this stand as a record of me seizing the moment. Let this be a testament to being thankful.

Kris, thank you for accepting me as I am. Thank you for living with me in spite of my failures. Thank you for choosing me when I gave you no reason to do so. Thank you for the life I now live. Thank you for being the perfect companion. Thank you for always leading by example.

Aiden, thank you for sleeping in a tent with me. Thank you for reminding me life is an adventure not to be feared.

Evan, thank you for teaching me to be resilient. 

Lori, thank your for taking the definition of the word "friend" and making it something I never imagined it could be. Thank you for being perfect in my life. Thank you for keeping my secrets and teaching me countless things. 

Mom and Dad, thank you for teaching me generosity. Thank you for never compromising.

Cap and Gramps, thank you for a ridiculous example.

Pete, thanks for having my back when almost nobody else would.

Carl, Thank you for being a life long friend. Thank you for always telling me the truth.

Tommy and Jeannine: Tommy, thank you for the night you showed up at my house, and sat there with me.... in silence. Jeannine, thank you for marrying him. He would surely be doomed otherwise. 

Johnna, thank you for being the beginning of how I learned friendship.

Thaisz and Fuhrman families, thank you for a memory bank full of directions on how to do family.

Niehaus family, thank you for Kris, and for being a never ending source of support for my family.

Carlos and Deryk, thank you for calling my wife "partner"

David and Ruth, thank you for helping create the place that has allowed my family rediscover so much.

Luke, thank you for teaching me so much and giving me a chance.

Phil, thank you for being my Pennsylvania Tommy.

Ashley, thank you for teaching me to admire people.

Dez, thank you for laughing and learning with my family, and for allowing us into your life.

Luci, thank you for many nights at the fire.

Rita, thank you for calling our house your home for a while.(please come back!)

Steve, thanks for imparting wisdom to a young Shamus.

Billy, you taught me signal flow and how to mix.(and how to solder) 'Nuff said.

Joe, thanks for teaching me and making life fun.

Pastor Mercaldo, thank you for many years of service to my family.


Jeannine said...

Honored to be included in your circle of thanksgiving. And thankful that you acknowledge my full time job of keeping Tommy alive. Its not an easy job.

Thank you and Kris for the countless memories you've given us and for being the truest experience of friendship we've been blessed with in this life.

Kris said...

Dammit, you made me cry.