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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lifestyles Of The Kris And Shamus

Kris and I went to NYC this weekend for our annual semi-Valentines day, semi-Christmas dinner night out with Tommy and Jeannine. For a number of reasons, Kris and I saw fit to make a longer than normal weekend out of this dinner and get some quality time in for her and I. As things came together, we realized that we would be in the city for just about a full day with no real plans. Yes, you heard me.......Kris ventured out for a weekend trip without a laminated schedule and order of events.
Friday Afternoon
With the threat of inclement weather, Kris packed accordingly. Pictured above is my trauma kit, bottled water, Kris' flashlight/charger, body warmers, and blankets. On several occasions, Kris was ready to cancel our trip. She was concerned that the roads would be unsafe for travel. The only way she would agree to move forward with our plans is if we brought these items along. We pulled into the city, dropped off our bags and headed out. As you may know, I take lots of pictures. Before we left the hotel for the night I was taking a few snapshots. The dialogue went something like this.....
Kris: What the **** are you doing?!
Shamus: I'm documenting the weekend.
Kris: If you don't get some food into me, you'll be documenting me pounding on your face!

With that, we hit the streets in search of our quarry.

Hand in hand we would spend the rest of the night wandering around the greatest city in the world. We exchanged old war stories, remembered dates and nights out from many other such walks. It was shaping up to be the weekend of a lifetime. Our stops included Chinese food for dinner and a neighborhood cafe for dessert in Murray Hill. Somewhere in the middle, we stopped to stare at Grace Church on the 800 block of Broadway.

I spent the night walking around beside my life companion learning new reasons to love her, and remembering all the reasons I have already learned through the years.
Sunset, Union Square

If Friday was a revisiting of rituals for us, Saturday brought with it a number of uncommon things. We were staying at one of the finest hotels in the city and we planned to take full advantage of all they could offer us. Another first, or at least a rarity.....I ventured out to a movie theater. Chauffeured rides in luxury vehicles into the East Village, in-room massages for two were among a few other things we indulged in. More than anything else, we enjoyed each other's company and throughout all the opulence that this day had for us, we were anxious for a few hours with good friends at dinner time.

I'm told that at some point many young women will take occasion to sing into a hair dryer while getting ready for a date. Well, we had a music theme for our weekend date. It featured the popular music of the 80's and early 90's. Add in a video camera and you get this clip.

I kept track of some of the one-liners that were said over the weekend. Here's a random sampling.
Kris: I'm fascinated by migrating birds. I have many questions.

Tommy, when speaking about our impending dinner:
Tommy: I've been saving myself all day for this.
Shamus: Does that make you a virgin?
Tommy: Yeah, and I haven't eaten either.

Kris and her mother on the phone while we are walking around the city.
Marietta: OK, stay safe.....keep close to Sha
Kris: Are you freakin' kiddin' me?!

A few of the other photos from our weekend.


Krissy said...

Thank you babe.

Thank you for an absolutely perfect weekend.

Thank you for being a wonderful husband who makes me smile.

Most of all, thank you soooo much for posting that video which will now bring me an obscene amount of abuse from our friends.

Tom said...

We had a wonderful time. It was non stop laughs, great food and excellent company. Sorry we almost ended up at the wrong place. I am emailing you a picture that sums it all up. Maybe you can post this since I can't upload it here. Thanks for sharing your special weekend with us!

foot said...

Love the title of this post!

Very clever!

Glad you and Kris had such a magnificent weekend!

marietta said...

you made the weekend special for krissy... i didnt know that u were such a romantic guy.. you guys are a great couple... you care deeeply for each other... and u know how to put each other needs first.glad that u were able to make the weekend happen

KRod said...

You guys rock.