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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top Ten Reasons...There Aren't Always 10!!!!

There has been some question(not via the blog comments.....as would be ideal) as to why my posts don't always amount to ten items or stories.
Allow me to respond.

In no particular order.......

10. I have always enjoyed a style of writing that is efficient. Effectively communicating the most emotion possible in the fewest amount of words.

9. In some cases to make ten distinct points would require me to fabricate different things.

8. I would rather communicate 3-4 ideas or thoughts creatively as opposed to having half the list be a dud.

7. I'm trying to keep things in the PG-13 area....sorta....for now.....whatever.

6. Sitting down, knowing I HAD to explain the details of ten distinct occurrences would serve to frustrate and de-motivate me.

5. I'm having trouble coming up with ten item for this freakin' list!

4. It's a cheesy attempt at being artistic.

3. It allows me to communicate in real time. Not being handcuffed having to wait for something similar to happen nine more times.

2. I'm just to damn lazy

1. It's my Blog(B) so deal with it.