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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Time With Aiden

Scenes from Aiden's first weekend experience with the Scouts.

 Aiden is quite adept setting up camp. Once he got the tent in place, he set about gathering firewood .
Activities included: Archery, rifle range, geology, map and compass reading

We prepared for this weekend in advance. We purchased new hiking shoes, new camping gear, and other outdoor items. In the end, Aiden had what was needed all along. The heart and resolve to handle overnight temperatures in the low 30's. I, myself, will look into purchasing a tent space heater for the next October event. 


Anonymous said...

Dave told me you guys were headed for the great outdoors. Glad it was successful. We've got lots of gear if you are ever in need.

barbara smith said...

AIDEN IS ONE HAPPY CAMPER!! WHEN I LOOK AT HIS FACE, I CAN UNDERSTAND HOW THAT EXPRESSION CAME TO BE!!!Wishing you both many happy camping adventures together!!!

Aiden said...

Daddy is nice because he took me camping.It was fun. Shooting the target was the best. It was as cold as the pool in Falll. I was a little uncomfortable at night time!!