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Saturday, November 10, 2012


The number of years Kris has been in pursuit of her black belt. 

The number of children she cares for day in and out without fail.

The number of miles Kris has run in competitive events while advancing her martial arts status

The number of days in the week Kris dedicates to educating Aiden.

The number of hours Kris spends in the gym lifting weights each week.

The number of goals Kris has set for herself and not met.

Calmly and methodically Kris makes her way through this hurried life. All the while providing an outstanding example to our children and to many other people who are fortunate enough to call her friend. The photos and video below tell a small part of her story. The larger part is seldom seen by many people at all.
The hours and minutes she gives to us all on a daily basis cannot be counted.
Kris, you made me very proud today, as you have done countless times in the past.
No many how many numbers you continue to tally, I will be honored to keep count.

Kris found another New Yorker in her program. A 76 year old from Brooklyn.
Victor is a 2nd Dan and holds several other black belts in a variety of martial arts disciplines.




The correct number of children cared for each day is 3.

Kris said...

Hee hee. Your dad's comment is funny. (and true). :o)

Really though, there is NO way I could do any of this if you weren't on my team. You are an unbelievable help with the boys and my rock when I start to fall apart.

Don't know what I would do without you.

MIL said...

I love these videos!!! Those were good tears!!! I am sharing in your joy, Kris!!! What an accomplishment!!!

All Rights Reserved said...

Very wonderful tribute to your wife! Congratulations Kris!

TerriB said...

You two are so cute together I can barely stand it. Congratulations to you both. Proud to call you friends.

luci said...

a true inspiration to all of us!
so proud of you!!!!