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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lessons From Stone

The fam took a quick road trip today. The Civil War Museum is a short drive from our home.
When purchasing the tickets, the gentleman took a moment to ask me, " How did you hear of us?"
At first, I was confused. I thought for a moment he was implying there are people out there(Americans) who don't know about the war. Then it struck me. He thought I was a tourist.
As quick as I could, I replied..."I live here."

We were treated to an exhibition of Civil War music, a live fire reenactment, and a Q&A session on battlefield surgery.
If you were too quick when entering the building, or leaving, you might miss the monument below.
So often, I wonder what it is I want my boys to be. I want them to be like this. Men of action. Men of mercy.
      (Click for larger view)


dezhorst said...

ummm...so i feel retarded..but there's a civil war museum around here?

Riter said...


dezhorst said...

haha...i'm thinking in willow street or something:) lol...harrisburg makes much more sense!

Shamus said...

It's a matter of perspective, I suppose.
Any time I can reach my destination in 40 minutes, via car, it's a quick trip.

Barbara said...

Just 20 minutes more than Stauffers of Kissel Hill on Rohrerstown Rd.!!(This is where John and I were headed when Shamus phoned and invited us to come along!)

luci said...

still can't belive you've never been to Gettysburg though. Worth the trip!!