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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's next?

A few quick thoughts....

1. In my opinion there will be another airplane(s) hijacking in this country. It's only a matter of time. What's next?

2. If it is decided that full body scanners and pat-downs need to be put in place at all public bus stops or train stations, will that be acceptable to you? Can't just as much damage or death be inflicted by blowing up a bus in the middle of town? Or how about blowing up the number 1/9 train in Manhattan as it pulls into the Penn Square station? What's next?

3. Why is it the responsibility of any government to keep me safe on an airplane? If there were only three airlines in our country, and one of them had a pristine security record, and the other two had problem after problem, which would you patronize? The airline is a business like any other. The public can/should hold them accountable for providing their services in a safe manner. Otherwise, they will go out of business. What's next?

4. Over the past few years, I have repeatedly taken grief in many social circles for not taking my shoes off at airports. The shoes, were never the issue. At issue for me was....what's next?

5. Nobody NEEDS to be on planes this much anyway. Businesses can streamline, especially in the interest of protecting their employee's safety. Conferencing via the internet is far less expensive than plane tickets. Maybe we all need to slow down, take different jobs that don't require air travel, earn less. What's next?

6. The Smith family decided some time ago that we would no longer travel by plane. For me personally, I have said I would travel by plane if my employer required it of me, and was paying for the trip. Now, I will take steps to drive to all business functions on the road.

7. My safety, and that of my family is my responsibility. Who is responsible for the safety of your family?

8. Some people are fine with the latest security measures at airports. So be it. I'm just wondering; if you are OK with the current procedures, at what point (if any) will you consider things to be either unnecessary, too invasive, or possibly criminal? What's next?

Maybe the current pat-downs and body scans are really ok. Maybe they don't violate anyone's rights or personal space. I just wonder.......What's next?

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Ryan K said...

1. I disagree. For a long time people knew that if they submitted to the hijackers' demands they would get a short, unexpected vacation to Cuba after which they could return to their lives. The events of 9/11 ruined it for all future hijackers. They can no longer count on a docile audience.

2. This would be unacceptable to me just as the security theater at the airport is unacceptable*. There is absolutely no reason why an interested party could not blow himself up on a train, or a bus, at a Giants game (Eli?), or in the crowded line to go through security at the airport. In fact I can see something like this happening much sooner than another airplane attempt.

3. But companies are evil! They'll cut any corners possible to increase profits. I would rather trust my benevolent government to look after me. /s

4. Have you really been able to get through security without taking off your shoes? p.s. what's next is a naked scan and molestation

5. (the first one) touche

5. (the second one) Interesting. Can't say I'm willing to take that step.

6. You're a horrible person. If it's not my fault that life is scary then it's obviously your responsibility to hold my hand.

7. Yeah, I'm not ok with it.

Here's something else to chew on:

I'm certainly no advocate of the 'everyone has a right to health care' BS but seeing as how I'm 17,000x more likely to die of heart disease than from an act of terrorism can we redirect the funds from these naked scanners to some more useful screening?

*I may be abusing this term since I will be flying for work next week and have 'accepted' that I will likely be ogled, fondled or both.

Shamus said...

Maybe If I wasn't interrupted during the creative process, I could number things correctly.

Pete said...

I Know how to fix airline security......

1. No more student visas.

3. Kick the illegals out.



And Yes, I am OK with it

Ryan K said...

Obviously we need more air marshals