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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Talk Is Not Cheap

The other night, Kris and I stayed up way past our normal bedtime. We decided to watch all the bonus material that was included with the most recent version of Robin Hood, newly released on DVD. Once we had gotten through all of it, we found ourselves lost in conversation for a good amount of time. We spoke about how movies had educated us in the past. We shared our likes and dislikes of various films. We laughed, we recalled old stories and learned a little more about one another. Conversation has played a part throughout the history of Kris and I. I would bet almost anything that if you spoke to Kris on this subject, she would be quick to recall a phone conversation between her and I that lasted several hours, long before we ever started dating.

There is no substitute for conversation. I send as many text messages as the next guy, I communicate through email and this blog quite often. None of that can compare to looking into someone's eyes or hearing the passion and inflection in their voice as they tell you how they feel.
Whether you are seeking to develop a friendship, grow your marriage or improve a business relationship, sharing thoughts in conversation will yield unlimited results.
It's more difficult to speak face to face. It takes more effort, it demands that you be more revealing and make yourself more vulnerable. As with many things, working through what may appear to be difficulty up front, will pay out rewards in the long term.
So often, people who have been in relationships for years, easily forget the simple things that brought them together in the first place. The tenent of conversation in social relationships is worth remembering.

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luci said...

i miss those nights...