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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who Says Oil And Water Don't Mix?

Untold millions of gallons of oil have been spewing into the Gulf Of Mexico for quite some time now. For certain, this is wreaking havoc like we have never known on plants, fish, and the eco-system as a whole throughout that region.
What surprises me most about this mess, is that it comes as such a surprise to most people.
I'm not really following this story too closely. It has however, become difficult to avoid all word of it. Simply put, I'm not looking to cite facts in my writings here, just to state my opinion.
It seems that there is a growing movement of people who want the government to take over the clean up operations and such.
Yeah great idea. After all, this same government does such a great job with our health care system. They also have a stellar record with the economy and the banking industry. Let's not forget all the wonderful things they do for public education.
In my opinion, this was either an honest accident by a private business or it was the result of negligence or mal-practice by the same business. I'm sure that an exhaustive and EXPENSIVE investigation by the government(that I will help pay for) will get to the bottom of things in short order.
Private business got into this mess, they should get themselves out. As for the imposing of fines or penalties.....how about Americans take measures to never purchase gasoline at a BP gas station ever again? In such a manner, the marketplace would take care of it's own trash.

As for the surprise element in all of this..... Americans continue to refuse to vote out those in congress and the senate who are forever in bed with big business and the powerful lobbyist firms they bring to bear. We as a society continue to demand and make use of the product these companies put out. We require it from them at an ever increasing rate. Why should it surprise us if any company decides to cut corners in a effort to meet the demand of their customers and to drive profits higher and higher. I don't believe we have anyone here to blame except ourselves.
We ask a company to dive five thousand feet under the water, in freezing, pitch black conditions and dig a hole that is miles deeper still. Then we pitch a fit when something goes wrong?
Greed ,more than anything else created this cluster _ u _ _!


Jack said...

This environmental disaster has a lot of causes, and I don't think we should stop with current government leaders, and BP. Frankly it could have been any oil company and any government. The problem is that after 125 years we're still using the same technology invented by Karl Friedrich Benz in 1885—the internal combustion engine.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I couldn't agree more.