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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Observastions From A Sick Day

I'm spending the day at home today, largely bored out of my mind.
I've decided to park my T.V. on MSNBC for the past few hours.
Here is a brief sampling of what appears to be on the minds of America, and lucky you.....my opinion as well!!!

1. Tonight, the President will make a speech detailing the how's and why's around his decision to send 30,000 soldiers into Afghanistan.
Will anybody watch this speech and have their mind changed on this matter? It would seem to me that given the size and nature of our government, this decision was written in stone weeks ago. Likely in some office, by dozens of people.

2. Tiger woods car crash.

3. Banning divorce.
A story is on now about a person who wishes to make divorce illegal.
The tag line for the story is "preserve the sanctity of marriage" I think they may be taking a reach at gay marriage as well.
Listen people, my own opinions on marriage and divorce aside.....
I think it's foolish to mention the "sanctity" of marriage. A quick google search reveals that the divorce rate in our country for first marriages is between 41 and 50 percent. It further shows that in a second marriage, the numbers range from 60-67 percent.
The "sanctity" it would seem, has long since gone away.

4. The people who "crashed" the white house state dinner.
Nobody seems to mind the fact that the price tag for this dinner, to the taxpayer, was $500,000.

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Krissy said...

I enjoyed this post. That said... you upstaged my "Krismas Decorations" video.