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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saint Barbara (A term of endearment)

Mothers Day, 2009

I have started typing this several times. Each time I find myself leaning on the backspace key to start over. I'm just going to be as simple as possible about this and list a few thoughts and stories about my Mom.
1. My mom and I fight...er a...... debate just as much as we have intelligent, calm conversations.
However, sitting here right now, I can't remember the most recent difference of opinion.
The two talks I will never forget took place quite a while ago. One of them was the night before I got married. Mom and I were up late talking about all manner of things. Laughing, trading war stories of my childhood and contemplating how my wedding, the next day, would begin to change the face of our family. The other talk took place the night before Aiden was born. We ended up in the living room after everyone else had called it a night. Once again trying to figure out what the next day would mean to all of us.
2. No compromise.
On any given topic, within any set of circumstances, you can see my mom coming a mile away. She is unwavering in her moral, spiritual, and social positions. She refuses to cave to outside pressure of any sort. Any guesses as to where I get my stubborn streak from?
3. My mom was always the driving force behind my work in audio engineering. This particular point is a mixed bag for me at present. While my passion and gift of hearing is still intact , I am currently not making full use of my abilities in this area. I am ever cognizant that my mom would like to see me do so. Thanks mom, for getting me to countless sound checks early. Thanks for my stint at Five Towns College. Thanks for paying for all the Yes concerts with Carl.
4. Mom encouraged, if not spearheaded, Kris and I moving to Lancaster. While she wasn't thrilled at the prospect of us being three hours (when mom and dad do the driving) away, she realized the benefits of such a move for our family. She put her own interests in the back seat and did everything possible to help us make it a reality. In the middle of all of that, she was keenly aware that we needed a spiritual rebirth of sorts. Even before we knew it existed, she had big plans for us at LCBC. A debt I will never, ever be able to repay.

For those of you who know Barbara, you may be shocked to learn that she is not perfect.
What you should also know is that she was/is the perfect mom for me. If I think through the list of people who had a hand in my upbringing (quite an extensive list), there is no single person more qualified for the job then her. She had wisdom enough to know that she did not have all the wisdom necessary on her own. She set in place many, many great role models for me to learn from, and lean on throughout my childhood. Another debt I will never live down.

P.S. A quick note on a different subject. The next post here will written by a guest. It will chronicle for you, in whatever manner she sees fit, a weekend spent in the capitol of the world.


Mom said...


I Love You -xoxoxo

Carl said...

LOL.. Great stuff! I hope I see her today!!

marietta said...

very nice sha barbara how many tussies did u use.

Anonymous said...

Love you!

Mom said...

It seems that we don't "fight" that much anymore!!! Lunch at Character's Pub a few days ago was a great opportunity for us to talk calmly!!! Thanks for treating me to lunch and some great conversation!!! You are a great guy!!! (I am also so glad that you're back in the saddle again, mixing sound at LCBC!!! What a pleasure it is to attend services when you are at the board!!!)

barbara ann smith said...

This post was a great Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving!!! Thanks for being such a great son!! I love you!!